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Message from EABC President

Message from the President
Bangkok, June 2018
The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) representing the interests of the European business community in Thailand proudly presents our Position Paper for 2018. We are the unified voice of Europe in a close corporation with the National Chambers and representing our Members and Sponsors to support creating a better business environment in Thailand. Main focus was and will be Advocacy – strong relationship with the Thai Government and Authorities to ensure the relevant input from the European companies in Thailand.
This 2018 Position paper is a compilation of recommendations derived from the European Business community in Thailand intended to help Thailand overcome economic challenges and promote the country as an attractive partner for trade and investments. It is a new Position Paper compared to the one published in 2017 with the latest update of important developments in our Positions for all of our 12 Working Groups.
The EABC Position Paper is the unified work of 12 working groups covering Automotive, Cross Sectoral issues (CSI), Digital Economy / ICT, Energy and Energy Efficiency, Food and Beverages, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Insurance, Rail and Road Infrastructure, SME, Tourism, and Transport and Logistics. First time we created a joint approach with TEBA in the Automotive area.
Seven years have passed since we first started establishing a "European Chamber of Commerce" which became EABC. It was sometimes a bumpy ride with many adjustments, reviews and a long learning curve. Despite this we could establish ourselves as a trusted partner to support the Royal Thai Government to become more competitive, transparent and more business oriented.
2017 has been a bridging year after the expired EU Grant and building a new setup for the future of the EABC (next). Main focus was to ensure long term sustainability and a base for the future cooperation with the National Chambers. The dialog with our members and supporters in an efficient structure and a closer cooperation with TEBA to ensure a unified voice of European Business. A new elected Board keeps working on this sustainable development for the future of the EABC and Advocacy. Therefore we had over 100+ meetings with the government or at working group level. That means every 2.5 working days we have delivered on our main activity.
Our positive achievements do not only benefit large corporations but also small and medium sized companies. We are looking forward to offer many smaller companies our support in a close cooperation with the Bilateral Chambers and will develop a special scheme in 2018 to ensure an easy access to the EABC.
On behalf of the European Association for business and Commerce I would like to thank our Board, the Working Groups Chairpersons and their members. Without their voluntary hard work and many unpaid hours to prepare our Position Papers we would not have achieved that strong recognition among the business community. My sincere thanks also goes to our staff, the European Union Delegation to Thailand and everyone else related to EABC in support of our Position Paper 2018.
Yours sincerely,
Stefan Molnar
President, EABC