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Tailor-made Market Study
Brief Description
The EABC provides individualized, cost effective, strategic market research that is designed to meet your exact requirements and give you an in-depth insight of the Thai market. Through comprehensive analysis based on quantitative and qualitative research methods, our research experts will design solutions for your company to best match your information needs.

Our Tailor-made Market Studies are designed to provide you with the right set of information and data to help you better understand your potential and how to best take advantage of opportunities in the Thai Market.
Business Partner Pre-identification
Brief Description
The EABC is ready to support your company by identifying potential business partners in Thailand. From manufacturing to sales and distribution, through comprehensive research our experts are ready to assist you in finding potential business partners from across a wide variety of sectors.

Our team will provide support from the first step of identifying potential partners to communicating with them in the native language. The EABC is your personal Thailand business guide!
Regulatory Advisory
Brief Description
In addition to business intelligence the EABC also provides regulatory advisory support for companies looking to establish themselves in Thailand. Through our in-house experts the EABC is ready to help you navigate and better understand the regulations that govern business activities in the Kingdom.

Our services are intended to help you gain a more holistic view of the Thai market, in order to enable you to make the right decisions with regard to doing business in Thailand.